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Ringing in the New Year with Poker

Normally on New Years Eve, I’ll go to a local event where they have a big countdown, but this year, the countdown was cancelled. The mayor decided that it would be better to not have the countdown this year so that the next year, we could have an even bigger and better one. I didn’t agree with this at all, because I didn’t really feel that there was anything they could do to make it bigger or better, but it wasn’t my call to make. I stayed at home and made poker bets on since the local countdown was cancelled.

While I was making poker bets, I had the countdown from New York playing in the background. If the countdown in New York had been cancelled like it had in my hometown, I imagine a lot of people would have been angry. I was too focused on the poker bets to really pay attention to what was going on at the countdown, so all I could really hear were bits of music from when one of the guest performers was singing a song. There were a lot of singers that I had only heard of, but hadn’t listened to any of their songs.

As the new year was getting closer, I was still playing games and making bets on the website. I was in the middle of a game when the final minute of the countdown started, but I wouldn’t look away from my screen to watch it. The next thing I knew, the countdown had reached 0 and the new year was finally here. It didn’t really hit me until later, but this is the dawn of a new era. Just about anything can happen in the new year, and there are chances for new opportunities. There are also more chances for me to make money by playing poker online.

The Path to a Better Career

I’ve grown tired of my assistant job and want a career change. A college near me holds a coding boot camp for anyone to attend. People can sign up for either 3 month classes or 6 month classes and go through a variety of programming topics that will teach them how to write code in different computer languages. The cost of the class is $10,000, which is a lot to me. In order to get money to pay for the class, I went to Bitcoin Trader dabbled in the bitcoin market until my profits were high enough.

I did my best to make as little mistakes in trading as possible. The profit that I made would be necessary to my future and improving my life, so I didn’t want to take any chances that would result in loss. Continue Reading

Buying Online when the Shops Don’t Have It

Recently I bought some custom show plates online because I wasn’t able to find any in person. Whenever I go to a place with a gift shop, they always have some show plates on display that people can buy. I always look for a plate that has my name, but no matter where I go, I can’t find one. My name is a pretty common name, so it’s pretty weird that they don’t have any plates for it. Even some of the more obscure names have plates for them, which is just mind boggling to me. I’ve made requests for the gift shops to add plates for my name, but they never do it.

The custom show plates that I ordered came in a short time, and they were better looking than the ones that they had in the gift shops. Continue Reading