Getting Your Reddit Post to Viral Status

With its billions of visits and hundreds of millions of active users, Reddit has established itself as a go to destination for many Internet Marketers looking for quality traffic. As we all know, the basis of growth for a Reddit post are the upvotes, the mechanism the platform uses as a signal for the popularity of a certain post. Marketers are now able to buy Reddit upvotes, using a variety of providers that offer this kind of service. However, this venture needs to be approached with extreme care as, under certain circumstances it may do more harm than good.

There are quite a few providers to choose from, but, as mentioned above, you need to choose wisely and carefully. Choosing a provider that does not come with a quality service may lead to serious consequences towards your account, including a possible ban. Quality providers, such as , approach the matter with extreme care, making everything they can to assure that the process of delivering upvotes seems as natural and organic as possible to Reddit’s algorithms, thus ensuring both the safety of your account as well as the traction your post needs. When you buy Reddit upvotes the lowest price is not necessarily a factor upon which your choice of provider should be based upon. More important factors are connected to the quality of the service itself, determined by the kind and variety of accounts used in the upvoting process, their age, diversity and karma levels. While an inexperienced or simply low cost provider will base their boosting process on new, low level accounts, an experienced and reputable provider will use an organic looking mixture of aged accounts (two years and more), new accounts, high karma accounts and so on as well as distribute the process over a correct period of time, exactly mimicking a natural growth of a viral post.

So, choose wisely and reap the benefits. Choose poorly and suffer the consequences.

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