How to Color and Maintain Your Hair with No Regrets

It is a widespread assumption that lighter shades of hair color are caused by particulate pigments, different from that in darker hairs. The contrary is, however, right; the tone of our hair is an indication of the presence or absence of the predominant pigment of hair – Melanin. So, the darker your hair, the more melanin it contains, while lighter shades like brown and blonde are indicative of the lesser content of melanin.

Why you might give coloring your hair a thought

Many people color their hair for different reasons. In some cases, the hair carrier does not like their natural hair color; and sometimes they want a change of look. Whitening of the hair, like many other degrees of hair color fade, is often influenced by age. This same color fade could, however, be caused by several other factors like albinism, burns that affect the scalp, stress, sunlight exposure, genetic disorders that limit or stop the production of melanin, smoking, and even wrong hair care products or the abuse of good ones.

Types of hair coloring

‘Hair coloring’ and ‘hair dyeing’ are terms describing a collection of similar procedures. The same color improvement procedures cannot be applied to all hair types. This is because the final result of hair coloration is a function of the natural hair color and the dye color. Dyes for hair coloring could be either permanent- or temporary-types, depending on the chemical makeup. Due to the near-natural color restoration of faded hairs that could be achieved by permanent coloring and the steps required for its maintenance, the procedure is altogether costly.

Permanent hair coloring procedures involve an initial stripping of the natural pigments present in the hair follicles by applying chemical bleach (specially formulated to this purpose). The permanent dye of the desired color is subsequently applied to the bleached hair. Hair that has been permanently colored will retain its hue for months and even years, if maintained properly. Temporary hair coloring, just like temporary tattoos, does not last long. They are easy to wash off as the chemical components of temporary dyes are designed such that the artificial color does not permeate the hair follicle.

Maintaining a colored hair

It leaves a bad taste when a dyeing procedure yields unintended results, mainly when the process was for permanent hair coloration. Such unexpected results are the primary reasons why manufacturers of such hair products would recommend the service of a professional stylist for the hair coloring procedure; rather than attempting to do it yourself, in the bathroom. Also, the skill and experience of your hairstylist are essential. However, their expertise might become irrelevant if you get hair coloring products that your stylist is unfamiliar with, even when the product is a good one. Where possible, discuss with your stylist before buying such products; such consultations may save you a lot of hassle.

Several things can be done, either singly or in synergy, to achieve the best results while maintaining an artificially colored hair. First, hair products and solvents containing sulfates and chlorine are to be avoided. Also, if and when the colored hair is to be washed, shampoos, and conditioners that are proven to be mild on hair dye should be used.

Finally, it is worthy of note that cheap hair coloring products have tendencies of having side effects; go for reliable brands. Visit sleekhair store today, either online or in your locality, to get quality and premium hair coloring products – that are sure to give you good hair coloring results, with no regrets.