How To Rock All Types Of Women’s Leather Jackets Like A Pro?

What is your style? Flamboyant, understated, minimalistic, or practical? There is a leather jacket for every fashionista out there that perfectly matches your personality and style.

The hard-core biker:

Channelise your inner Lara Croft in a metal-studded biker jacket. The image of a biker is incomplete without a kick-ass leather jacket. The more flamboyant and over the top of the jacket, the better it is. Not for the faint-hearted, this is a full-on bold yet beautiful look best suited for those wild rides on your bike. It looks its best with a pair of distressed jeans and cowboy boots.

Comfort and style:

Heading out for your workout on a nippy morning? Get your gym look on point with a hooded leather jacket to match your gym wear. The swag of a hooded jacket is unmatched for a swirl around town in your car. The finesse and fit of Sculpt’s range of handcrafted jackets make them look so good without the bulk.


All you need to dress up a casual everyday dress is to throw on a glamorous black leather jacket. Understated leather jackets go a long way in enhancing your ensemble without making you break the bank. Go for the classic black or chocolatey brown jacket to amp up your look in a flash. The diva in you will thank you for this amazing fashion statement.

Beat the winter blues:

The cold weather is no reason to bundle yourself up in all that unflattering thermal wear or bulky silhouettes. The ultimate in winter wear is the shearling wool leather jacket. Find the best shearling leather jackets online. Worth its weight in gold, a shearling leather jacket is right at the top of the pyramid in winter wear. Mostly made in combination with luxury leather, these fur-lined beauties will never disappoint you, and will always be one of your most prized possessions.

Technicolour dreams:

Paint the town red in coloured leather jackets. Bring out your mischievous and fun-loving side with a coloured jacket. Red, blue, orange, or white – just bring them on and dream in technicolour with our range of vibrantly coloured leather wear. Accessories make or break a look, coloured leather is an accessory in itself, but go for minimalistic styling to keep the attention on the gorgeous colours.


Apart from all these types of women’s leather jackets, there are jackets that have unique features that make you stand apart in a crowd. Asymmetrical front closures on jackets with metal detailing like metal studs on the lapel, zip detailing on the back, adjustable side buckles, cropped styles, retro-inspired looks with padded shoulders, fringes, and moto-style jackets are all available online.

Now that you have the coveted jacket in your hands, here are a few tips on how to style a leather jacket. Jeans and a leather jacket are an evergreen combo and always in fashion. A scarf with a leather jacket tones down a much severe look. Summery dresses or lace dresses with a leather jacket is also a killer combination, bringing a touch of soft femininity to the look.

So, what are you waiting for, girl? You deserve this piece of luxury in your life. Just go get it!

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