Makeup tricks every beginner should know

Makeup involves the use of cosmetics which includes powder, lipstick, eyelashes, lipgloss, eyeliner, concealer, face brush, foundation to beautify the face. Cosmetics used for makeup are designed to cleanse, protect, moisturize and exfoliate the skin. The skin is also replenished using toners, moisturizers, serum, balms and many more. Makeup is majorly used by women to make them look beautiful. Makeup is used for performances, fashion shows, stage plays and costumes. If you are looking to buy make up products, you should read about Smashbox and other companies that sell make up accessories on All Reviews to know the opinion of other Canadians about the best companies.

Makeup changes the appearance of people’s faces making them resemble another person or figure. Make-ups are majorly applied to the face with the use of decorative cosmetics like concealer, foundation, blusher, bronzer, wax, gels, powders, false eyelashes, mascara and many more. The application of these materials to the face is done by makeup artists who are of different categories such as Wedding makeup artists, Fashion makeup artists, Beauty brand makeup artists, Cinematic makeup artists as well as Body and face painting makeup artists.

It is generally known that in any field of expertise, there are beginners as well as professionals. Makeup artists are in high demand, and this has created a passion in the minds of people to venture into it.

Here are some of the makeup tricks you should know as a beginner

1) As a beginner one thing you should never do is to test your foundation shade on your arm. Makeup is meant to be applied to the face but if you want to test your foundation, you can try applying it to your jaw area to get how it blends.

2) It is important to apply foundation before concealer: Starting makeup with a good foundation can help to reduce discoloration. Foundation is meant to be the base while the concealer comes on top.

3) Use a powder to set your foundation and concealer to make your face firm to hold the makeup.

4) Always remember to carefully shape and fill in your eyebrows: The eyebrow is an essential part of your face when it comes to makeup. As a beginner, it is highly advisable to follow your natural eyebrows and not shave them away. You can use an angled brush and brow powder to shape and fill in your eyebrows.

5) Learn to make use of the bronzer: Bronzer looks good when it is highly applied to face areas like the cheeks, chin, nose and temple. Bronzer helps to increase shadows on your face and it helps to darken your skin tone.

6) Apply blush to your cheeks: Blush is applied gently on the soft part of the chicks especially where the cheekbone pops out. Blush adds a flash of colour to your cheeks. It is applied either as a powder or a cream.

7) Make use of a lip liner before you use the lipstick:  Lip liner is used to make outlining on your lips and prevent bleeding at the corner of your lips after applying the lipstick. The use of lip liner aids smoothness and evenness of lip edges.

8) Exfoliate your lips: This is to avoid rough and uneven lipstick paint on your lips. When your lip skin is dried, it doesn’t make your lipstick attractive.

9) To make your eyes come out brighter, it is necessary to highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This can be done with the use of eyeshadows; they can be applied under the eyes or to brow bones to make them look more attractive. However, the use of the eyeshadow brush is needed.

By following these tips and practicing them, you’ll begin to improve your ability and become the makeup artist that you dream to be.

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