A bad storm blew out the windows in the front of my store. I I knew I should have boarded up those windows when I had the chance, but I didn’t think the storm would really be bad enough to cause such damage. It was my fault, and it resulted me in me having to pay for it. I found a local company that offers custom mirror and glass installations to replace the broken windows. This entire experience has taught me that I should always take the necessary precautions, regardless of how bad I think things will actually be.

I’ve decided to put together a storm preparation plan in case another storm comes back that could cause immense damage to my store. I purchased some wood from a local home improvement store and keep it in storage so that if I ever need to board up the windows, I’ll be able to do so. I also have some hammers and a large supply of nails to put in the boards. I also have some food and water kept in the storage room of the store just in case I ever need to stay in the store for a long period of time.

The weather forecasters say that storm season isn’t over yet, and that there will be a few more storms that will hit landfall before the seasonal change. I hope that none of these storms make it to my area, and if they do, I hope that they’re not so bad that they will cause a lot of damage to all of the properties in the area, but if they are, I am more than prepared enough to deal with the outcome. Hopefully the other store and property owners will make the same preparations for their places of business.

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