The Path to a Better Career

I’ve grown tired of my assistant job and want a career change. A college near me holds a coding boot camp for anyone to attend. People can sign up for either 3 month classes or 6 month classes and go through a variety of programming topics that will teach them how to write code in different computer languages. The cost of the class is $10,000, which is a lot to me. In order to get money to pay for the class, I went to Bitcoin Trader dabbled in the bitcoin market until my profits were high enough.

I did my best to make as little mistakes in trading as possible. The profit that I made would be necessary to my future and improving my life, so I didn’t want to take any chances that would result in loss. I studied the market carefully and looked for price trends that would give me an indication of whether to buy or sell. I had to control my impulses so that I wouldn’t sell before the time was right, or buy just because of one slight downturn in the market. A lot of people get fooled this way and every time it results in regret.

After a couple of months of trading, I had the $10,000 I needed for the coding boot camp, and it was just in time too. The boot camp was starting two weeks after the day I signed up and paid for it. They only had a few spots left in the class. I elected to do the 3 month class. Although it moved at a much faster pace than the 6 month class, I was able to complete it faster and get to my goal of having a programming job and leaving my assistant job behind for good.