Suit up

One of the staples of minimalism is the crisp, white, cotton shirt, and every man is bound to own at least one. While playing with different shades of white, keep tonality in mind to avoid looking washed out. For a perfect summer look, pair a white t-shirt with a cream blazer and a navy trouser. Skip the belt and pick a pair of brown shoes instead of black.

Subtle variations in tonality also make a great minimal outfit. Pull a chic all-grey look with a mid-tone blazer, a darker pair of chinos, and a light grey tee, and take it further by as adding matching accessories and accents.

Tee off

The one item that every man on this planet owns is a T-shirt. And it makes such an ideal minimalist look when paired with tailored trousers. Monochrome is the easiest way to do minimalism: a white tee over black or other dark coloured trousers makes a neat, clutter-free and elegant minimalist look that’s also really stylish in an understated sort of way.

Hear-to-toe neutrals are quite the fashion rage these days, so don’t be afraid to keep your footwear and accessories in the same colour as the outfit instead of opting for a contrast hue.

Rock it

If you’re doing a traditional rock look, aim to keep it subtle and refined. Jackets should be clean and devoid of patches or embellishments, t-shirts should be plain and neat, preferably white, and the jeans should be neat too. To add your own touch to the outfit, skip the leather boots and go for a pair of low top white trainers.

While going all-black is the way to do rock chic, the ideal way to break the monotony of the look is by adding another neutral colour to the mix-like a an over shirt or a pair of boots.

Asian twist

Relaxed and cool silhouettes are a key component in minimalism, and what better way than Japan’s flowy cuts, comfy cottons, and fine linens? Cool fabrics and stylish silhouettes come together to make a minimalist look perfect for summer.

Mandarin collars and wide sleeves make Japanese shirts so great for the warmer season, and in winters, Japan’s selvedge¬†denims¬†are a great combination with a coat and t-shirt, paired with boots.

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