It is a widespread assumption that lighter shades of hair color are caused by particulate pigments, different from that in darker hairs. The contrary is, however, right; the tone of our hair is an indication of the presence or absence of the predominant pigment of hair – Melanin. So, the darker your hair, the more melanin it contains, while lighter shades like brown and blonde are indicative of the lesser content of melanin.

Why you might give coloring your hair a thought

Many people color their hair for different reasons. In some cases, the hair carrier does not like their natural hair color; and sometimes they want a change of look. Whitening of the hair, like many other degrees of hair color fade, is often influenced by age. This same color fade could, however, be caused by several other factors like albinism, burns that affect the scalp, stress, sunlight exposure, … Read the rest

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