How online buying had a boost in 2020

Online buying had always been in vogue before the pandemic hit the world in full force and led to both national and international lockdowns. As such, people who weren’t essential health workers or had no cogent reasons to be outside were restricted to their homes. Schools and businesses were closed and the only thing that mattered was how to combat the virus.

Since people couldn’t move about as they want; people who didn’t subscribe to online buying in the past had too. Those who were online buyers before continued and even bought more. Therefore, online buying experienced a high surge in 2020. Due to the economic effects of the pandemic, businesses who had no online presence had to come online just to survive. A study shows that e-commerce grew from 10% to 40 %, with some retail companies having multiples of their revenues made within a short time. A lot of experts have predicted that the increase in online buying is likely to be sustained even in future. 2020 opened more people’s eyes to how productive and efficient technology has made us and its unharnessed potentials. In light of this, if you are a business owner, you need to optimize your business online for maximum sales. If you are an online buyer, you need to be wiser when making buying decisions.

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Here are tips on how to increase your online sales

Optimize your website

The average online buyer buys stuff online on their phones. However, some view your site on their computers, tablets, etc. You have to ensure that your website can be used on different sources and each of the users will have a positive experience. Use a variety of devices to check out your website and have an idea of your customer’s user experience. Also, ensure that your website is properly optimized for payment. If your customers have a hard time paying, you will lose most of them. Use a minimalist approach for your website and provide a simple check-out option. Ensure you don’t include links that lead people away from your website. Also, optimize your website for SEO ranking. You can find out more about how to do that and put what you learn into practice. The more people find you, the better your chances of selling. You can also take advantage of other shopping platforms with an optimized website and huge traffic by selling on their marketplace.

List your website on an independent reviews website

By listing your website on an independent reviews website like UK Collected Reviews, you will be able to get reviews from your existing customers that prospective customers can trust. With that, you will have a better chance of getting new customers since most people now read reviews before patronizing an online shop. They might be reading about your company or even another company and your company will be suggested. Your good reviews will easily convince them, especially when your reviews are better than the reviews of others.

Run ads

Organic traffic is great but running paid ads provides you with more revenue than others. Learn how to run paid ads yourself or hire a professional to help you do so. For instance, Facebook ads create awareness for your content, direct traffic to your website and can ultimately lead to sales. When running ads, ensure your audience are only the most important targets. For instance, if you are selling engagement rings, your most valuable targets are ladies and men between the ages of 20 and 40, not elderly people. Also, make seasonal offers like some percentage off the regular price. This helps to attract new customers and get more people to see your ad.

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